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Daniel Peralta

fintan travels with tinder match Daniel Peralta in Mexico.

Marcos Ospina

fintan gets in bed with musicmaker Marcos Ospina for a discussion on love and queerness.

fintan lives with their Navajo friend Carrie House (featured on episode one) in NYC.

Seth Tack

fintan lives with-- wait, that's not right... fintan dates singer Seth Tack while on a stint in Iowa.

Claudia Handal

fintan lives with their travel wife Claudia Handal in Morocco, Spain and Iowa!

Cormac + Tommy Owens

fintan lives with their sibling Cormac and rising trap star Tommy Owens. Cormac and Tommy may share some of the same body parts...

Simonne Carlton

fintan lives with queer activist Simonne Carlton while visiting their alma mater.

Carrie House

Fintan lives with queer filmmaker Carrie House for a month on the Navajo reservation in Arizona.

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